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Saturday, July 2nd, 2005

Posted by:sired1880spike.
Time:4:02 pm.
This game is now re-opened for business! Game on.
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Saturday, April 16th, 2005

Subject:Mod note
Posted by:taramber.
Time:6:53 pm.
This game is on hiatus.
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Friday, March 25th, 2005

Posted by:sired1880spike.
Time:7:04 pm.
I woke up slowly. My senses told me it was probably early morning outside. I didn't normally wake up feeling so refreshed and relaxed...

Looking down I realised why.

Dawn had rolled away from me a little in the night, but our legs were still tangled together. She was breathing softly, the sheet only covering half her body. One hand lay over her smooth stomach, and her hair was tangled over the pillow.

God, she was beautiful. And I had behaved in the most monstrous way.

I sat up quietly. On the sheet there were a couple of drops of blood. I felt my body tense seeing that. I should have expected it; Dawn had been pretty untouched, but the sight of those tiny drops filled me with guilt. I shouldn't have been her first. It was wrong. I mean, she was only following in her sister's footsteps by losing her cherry to a vampire, but that didn't make it right. I was too old and too experienced and too downright bad for that to have been a good idea.

But then the memory of what we'd done stole back. I closed my eyes and could see Dawn's face in ecstacy, her eyes shut, her mouth parted, her body writhing under my touch. It had been the most intense experience I'd had in years. The one night stands I'd had since Buffy died paled in comparison; hell, they weren't even in the same category. It had been fantastic, not because we'd done anything particularly outrageous or new, but because I lo-

I couldn't say it. It was wrong. Spike, you knew it was stupid when you fell for Buffy, but at least there was some weird masochistic reason for doing it. Vampire loving the person designed to kill him. Makes a perverted kind of sense. But this - this was just perverted.

Didn't stop me having a hell of a hard on, though. I'd better hope Dawn didn't touch me when she woke up, or all my good intentions would be well and truly lost.
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Posted by:taramber.
Time:6:37 pm.
I was so nervous.

My stomach was churning. It hadn't been so bad when I'd bumped into Willow - I was so startled to see her that I didn't have time to get scared - but now I'd had a few days to worry about things. In the meantime I'd called Dawnie, but she'd seemed sort of distracted. I hoped she was ok. And I hoped she would be there tonight; I was a bit nervous of being alone with Willow in the house. We might do something... not very sensible. I felt myself flushing at that thought.

I'd spent about an hour just picking my outfit. I wasn't sure what to go with. It was only a casual evening, so maybe I should wear jeans. But maybe I should make more of an effort and show Willow I cared. I wasn't sure. But if I got too dressed up, maybe she'd think it was a proper date, and she'd try - No, definitely not an occasion to wear a corset top.

I stared at the clothes lying sprawled on my bed and smiled a little sadly. A couple of years ago I would never have imagined myself in this situation. But I was here now, and would have to cope. Eventually I settled on a compromise outfit - jeans, but with a nice peasant top. I smoothed my hair down and checked my reflection for the twentieth time, then set out to Willow's. I didn't bring anything with me, as Willow said she'd provide the ingredients since I was cooking. I was going to make stuffed peppers. She didn't even have to take down a shopping list when I called to say what I was making - I'd cooked it for her lots of times. Strange - we were sort of on a first date, but eating a meal we'd shared together before. This was definitely a weird situation.

I got to the door, took a deep, shuddering breath, and then knocked.

((Open to Dawn/Willow/Faith))
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Thursday, March 24th, 2005

Posted by:anewdawn.
Time:3:49 pm.
The walk home from Spike's seemed so short, I was very relieved that neither Willow or Faith were home. I didn't want to explain why I was wearing Spike's shirt. I probably would have started to cry again.

I slipped out of my skirt and crawled into my bed, still wearing his shirt, it was a small comfort but he wasn't ever getting he back. I hoped he knew that. My dreams came and they were filled with lots of things they shouldn't be filled with. At least by Spike's standards I shouldn't be thinking about him like that. I shouldn't be dreaming about all the things he could do to me, good and bad.

I woke up and had dinner with Faith, she seemed kind of in her own world and I wasn't sure where Willow was. I took a long shower and headed to Spike's. It was sad, how much I didn't care if he hurt me, I couldn't stay away. Besides I told him I'd be back and if I didn't show up he'd worry.

I wasn't but a block away from his crypt, inside the cemetary when I heard the crack of leaves behind me. No. Ok, I had to breathe and think. I knew without slayer instinct that there was a vampire behind me, I turned around and saw a group of three behind me. I could run towards Spike's but they would proabably catch me.

I sighed and made a decision, I took the stake out of my the back of my jeans and took off towards Spike's. I was so close when one of them caught up with me and threw me against a grave stone.

"Spike!" I screamed, knowing he'd hear me. I knew I could handle one vampire, but three? I was human after all, I wasn't my sister.

I started to defend myself, from the one, but the other two closed in too, knocking the stake from my hand. I kicked on in the groin and managed to block a kick to the head, but I was backed up against a over sized headstone.
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Monday, March 21st, 2005

Posted by:sired1880spike.
Time:8:15 pm.
I took Dawn home. It was bloody weird. We hardly dared look at each other. Things had never been like that between me and the bit. But now there was something between us, something twisting and tearing at us, something that made it dangerous for us to meet each other's eyes.

I had to be the adult. Bloody hell, that should be obvious, but this was about the first time I'd thought it, at least when it came to women. Usually I'd just thought with my parts and left my brain behind. But this was Dawn. Dawn, who I'd sworn to protect all those years ago, and it was a promise I'd kept, more or less. Now I wondered if I'd kept it too well. She cared for me. I could hardly believe she loved me. She probably thought she did, but she'd led a sheltered life in some ways. No boyfriends that I knew of. Only a handful of friends. A life overshadowed by loss. Her dad left her, her mum died, and big sis killed herself to save her. Not going to set you up for a normal relationship, is it? I'd be taking advantage of her loneliness if I...

God, how can I even be thinking of doing any of that? It's Dawn! Dawn, the bloody pain in the arse aged 10 when I first rolled into Sunnydale. I saw her before she even had breasts. Thinking of doing anything other than babysitting her is wrong, innit? I should have some sodding common sense.

I sighed. I'd been feeling like shit all day. Hadn't been able to sleep since I took Dawn home. I lay down. Maybe if I finally got a bit of shut eye it would help.

But it didn't.
cut for adult contentCollapse )

I awoke. It was now night time, not daylight, and I realised it had been a dream. Dawn would never be so forward. It was just my sick imagination. It wasn't real. But the ache between my legs was more than real, and I put my hand to it, tempted to rub it away, but that would be wrong. I couldn't get off on thinking about her. It would be admitting it was true. That I - No. I mustn't even say it. For her sake.

So I decided to do the next best thing.

I got pissed.

I got a bottle of Jack Daniel's and a packet of Rothman's. Didn't even bother with a glass. Just swigged from the bottle as I worked my way through the packet of fags. Three quarters of the way down the bottle and I was comfortably drunk. The air seemed softer, and my problem seemed like less of a problem. So I fancied the little bit. So what! What kind of man wouldn't fancy her? She was a good looking girl. I'd just keep my little problem to myself and everything would be fine. Sod that, it'd be bleeding marvellous.

I was on my ninth cigarette when the door opened.

((Open for Dawn))
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Tuesday, March 15th, 2005

Posted by:sired1880spike.
Time:12:35 pm.
I sat and waited in the living room, tapping my foot anxiously. For some reason my stomach was all knotted up. I was just going to a party with Dawn! There was no reason to feel alarmed.

Then Dawn came down the stairs, and my anxiety levels shot through the roof.

She looked stunning. Her leather trousers clung to her legs, and I realised that her legs were pretty bloody long. Why had I never noticed that before? And the way that top slipped over her curves...

"What?" said Dawn, staring at me. I shook my head to dispel the inappropriate thoughts I was having.
"Nothing," I said, jumping up. "You look, er, nice, is all." I fiddled with my hair again. I really wish I could see it. Maybe I should have got dressed up. But no, I don't do that! Dawn would know something was up if I started primping. Black t-shirt, black jeans, that was what I wore. Dawn would think it was weird if I started wearing colour. But she'd think it was even weirder if I just stoof here all night, I added to myself, and so moved towards the door.

We climbed onto the bike. I glanced back to see if Dawn was sitting alright, and the sight of her leather-clad thighs curving across the bike made my stomach clench. Suddenly my throat was very dry, and as we rode her hands were like hot coals on my stomach.

We arrived at the party, and it was the usual student crap. Loud, supposedly alternative music blared from cheap stereos rigged around the frat house. Alternative! Look, mates, a couple of piercings and a torn t-shirt does not a rebel make. I lived through punk, I should know. And God, I am turning into an old fart.

Dawn bumped into a couple of people from her classes on the way in, and I went to find a beer.
"Hey, dude, it's so not cool to take someone's beer unless you've brought some too," whined a stoned adolescent wearing a Busted t-shirt. Busted! What crap.
"Sod off," I said, taking a Bud from the counter. I managed to find a sofa that wasn't covered in teenagers getting off with each other, and sat down to enjoy my beer. I was feeling pretty grumpy, and part of me was sure that Dawn had something to do with it.
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Wednesday, March 9th, 2005

Subject:Sometimes things just hurt to much for words.
Posted by:red_head_witch.
Time:3:16 pm.
‘18 months to the day. It’s been so long. Buffy dying. Tara leaving. My rampage. Faith. Angel. Dawn. Xander and Anya. It’s like they’re not even separate anymore, I think if I just pushed both of their names together it would be just as affective XanderAnya. How can so much happen in such a, well, short period of time. Buffy, my best friend in the world, she’s been gone so long now. Tara, my one true love, I can’t believe she left. It’s my fault though, if I could have stopped myself, if I could have had some sort of control, it is my fault. She probably hates me now. I don’t blame her if she does. If I were her, I would hate me too. I wonder what Buffy would think of me now. Would she hate me? Would we still be friends? And Dawn, poor Dawnie, I know I’m hard on her, but after loosing so much, and I feel like I owe her so much too. After seeing my go through that, and just. I don’t know anymore. I’m pretty sure the remaining parts of the gang have forgiven me, but, still, sometimes it feels like they look at me, like, like I could be a threat at any time still. Like I could just slip and go all evil again. But, I could though, couldn’t I?’ I sat at the desk in my empty classroom. Doodling random shapes, writing random names, and my eyes searching over the entire sheet of paper, but not taking in a single thing I had written or drawn. Randomly I would drop one color of pen and pick up another one. It was a habit so deeply ingrained that I no longer realized that I did it anymore. When my mind finally stopped wondering away I looked down at the page, finally realizing, finally able to see what I had written and drawn. There were several heart shaped items, with Tara’s name in them. Several ‘Tara+Willow=love’ items, and other things of a similar nature. ‘Xander and Will=best friends forever’, ‘Buffy, best friend, wonderful woman, you are missed’, and other random notes of caring, concern and love. I sighed as my brow furrowed heavily as my heart felt like it was dropping in my chest.

’18 months, and I’m still a dorky single loser.’ I sighed again, thinking of all the failed dates, horrible nights at clubs and just general badness of things in the past attempts at dating. They had all ended up the girl being bored, frustrated, or completely lost at my references and jokes. Most girls just weren’t what I was looking for, or I wasn’t what they were looking for. Then even with the couple girls that I had felt like there might be something with, something I might be willing to pursue, I thought of Tara, and walked out on the girl feeling like I was cheating, even though Tara and I weren’t together. Then I’d cry myself to sleep those nights with grief and frustration. I had thought about using a spell on myself on several different nights, let me forget Tara, to let me move on. Then I had always decided against it, knowing that I couldn’t take loosing those memories, knowing that a spell wasn’t the answer. I shut my eyes for a moment, leaning back in the chair I was sitting in, stretching my arms over my head. After stretching I dropped the pen I had held in my hand while stretching onto the desk, it landed with a light ‘thunk’, as I stood and picked up my bag. I placed the bag onto the desk top and started to push random notebooks, pens and syllabi into the shoulder strapped bag. I had managed to accomplish the task of getting my bachelors degree through taking several courses over the summer and taking a couple ‘Over-load’ semesters. Each quarter I had taken at least 10 credits. Equaling a 20 credit semester, I in part hadn’t minded because I love school, and it let my mind get away from everything that had happened in the past year and a half. But it had been hard, with school, work, and trying to be there for Dawnie.

Now at least I worked at the college, while I was trying to accomplish getting a masters degree, they had allowed me to take over a couple basic computer courses. The job paid all right, and took care of most of my bills if not all of them, and what I couldn’t get from there, I could ask mom and dad for. Though most of the time they freely had thrown cash at me in random care-packages, and I still had money stashed away from my college fund that my parents had been establishing for years before college and had continued to funnel money into while I was in college.

Glancing around the empty room, I slipped the strap of my book bag over my head, laying it down on one shoulder, letting the bag hang down to my other side. I sighed again and walked around the room, letting my fingertips drag across monitors, drives, desks, anything really. It was a small room, with about 30 computers in it. The class was small and I didn’t really mind. My thoughts lingered on various topics a few moments longer. Then bringing my fingertips up, I examined them, my mind not really there until seeing the dust along the tops of my fingers. My brows knit and I brushed my hands together, letting the dust fall free into the air. Moving towards the door, and placing one hand on the light switch, I took another look over my shoulder into the empty room before pulling the door open, flipping the light off and exiting, making sure that the door was locked behind me.

Looking from left to right, examining who was in the hall for a brief second, I let my eyes shift down to the ground, my heart still hung low in my chest as I pulled out my noise canceling ear bud headphones, slipping the small pieces into my ears and flipping the play switch on my mp3 player. I looked up, my eyes drowned in sadness still as “30 minutes” By T.aT.u played over the headphones.

”Out of sight, Out of mind, Out of time, To decide…” My heart sunk lower, as I heard the first few lines of the song. ‘If only that were true.’

“Do we run?
Should I hide?
For the rest
Of my life

Can we fly?
Do I stay?
We could lose
We could fail

In the moment
It takes
To make plans
Or mistakes”

’18 months later, and I still feel so broken.’ I started to move down the hallway, quickly, not really wanting to run into anyone. I wasn’t much in the mood for talking today. The song continued to ring through my head, making me feel only more and more broken. ‘But isn’t that how I want to feel right now?’ I sighed once again, continuing down the hallway.

“ 30 minutes, a blink of an eye
30 minutes,to alter our lives
30 minutes,to make up my mind
30 minutes,to finally decide

30 minutes,to whisper your name
30 minutes,to shoulder the blame
30 minutes,of bliss, thirty lies
30 minutes,to finally decide”

{(Open to anyone in the college.)}
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Tuesday, March 8th, 2005

Posted by:wesley_pryce.
Time:1:23 pm.
This room was ten meters in width, length, and height. The structural supports were made of cypress instead of teak, we had a budget to keep.

The tinted lattice-work covered screens covered the second story windows of the Dojo, allowing in a soft light that illuminated all corners without dazzling the eyes. The Watcher's Council had come through on improvements after I not so politely suggested that it may be in their best interests to support us.

I tasted my own sweat and the adrenaline that was coursing through my body made me feel alive and skittering along the edge. The hardwood Bo staff I was holding whistled through the air as I spun it in a strike toward him.

We were using the Bo Jut Su style of fighting. I could feel the tape grip on the staff change it's weight in my hands due to inertia as I moved it. The wooden floor was cushioned from underneath

I could smell my anti- perspirant now. It smelled like victory.

He feinted left toward me with his staff and I countered by stepping around his swing and lightly tapping him on the back of his hand with the point of my staff.

I was pleased to see that to his credit he did not drop it. I spoke:


He came at me again, this time in a sweeping uppercut. The hard grained wood struck through the air where my head had been a moment before.


In a series of rapid fire strikes and counter strikes with our stave's I pushed him across the room. I used my Bo to block him rapidly and push back against him. I was forcing him to yield the floor to me. I felt perspiration over my forehead.

"Fulcio." I said with a air of finality.

Moments before he would have stepped into the corner I rapped him lightly on the backs of both of his hands- this time applying enough force that he would be forced to drop his Bo. He did.

It tumbled out of his hands and fell to to the ground with a muted sound of wood over wood. I smiled grimly to him and with a sweep of my foot I caught his staff with my arc and kicked it in a soft arc back into his hands.

"To answer your question. We do what we do. Or what we are supposed to do. You can tell the Watcher's Council that the next time they want to test me they should instead send a stand up comedian."

"At least then I would have at better laugh."

Mood: Silently Sarcastic
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Subject:time is never time alone...
Posted by:anewdawn.
Time:2:15 pm.
I sighed into my pillow. I'd overslept, again. Willow was going to lecture me and god knows what Faith would say. I still didn't quite know what she'd do on a given day but I'd come to accept my fate of being the driving force in this house. I couldn't even call it the Summer's house anymore. I mean I was the only Summers that still lived here and the only way that worked out was because Dad decided to step up and pay the bills after I yelled and screamed at him for near an hour at Buffy's funeral. Which by god he attended, he didn't even do that for mom.

Willow, Faith and I were living on my Dad's dime and it was a relief in the money department, but I didn't like depending on him. It's why I'm going to UCS instead of UCLA or well anywhere else that required more than my crappy student loans.

I hadn't really had a stress free time since I visited Tara in L.A. and even then I somehow felt the need to tell her that Willow was doing really good. I don't know the whole reason she decided to come back to Sunnydale, but it was enough for me that she came back. I had planned on grabbing her for lunch today at the caf' but as its stands I'm still in bead.

I grabbed the clock, It had been Buffy's I was in her room. It hadn't seemed entirely right for Faith to move into Buffy's room. There was so much ... weirdness involved in Faith taking over for Buffy the way it happened so I wanted to keep one piece of my sister's life out of Faith's hands. Besides I really hated Faith when she first came here. I mean she tried to kill my sister, she kidnapped me and my mom once. And then she was coming in and taking over Buffy's life? I was like 15 and not happy about it. But we were cool now, most of the time.

Willow was the mom, sometimes Xander played the mom, especially when I got lectures about spending so much time with Spike. Spike was the only one who actually talked about Buffy after she'd died, everyone else just danced around it, trying to spare my feelings. But Spike was there for me, he let me cry on his shoulder and scream and rage when I blaimed myself. He held me when I beat on his chest because I was so angry at her. And he let me remember her, and that was why Spike was my best friend. He always treated me like I wasn't just Buffy's sister or the kid or the key. He treated me like Dawn.

Things were mostly different now with everyone. I mean we didn't really go out of our way to avoid talking about Buffy and we usually didn't cry when we did talk about her, but still, Spike was different.

Spike was ... He was just my best friend. Yeah, that's why I haven't gone over in a few days. It was because of the last time I crashed at his crypt. School had started and I was stressed, I ended up there so late and he was shirtless and there was flushed feelings all over the place when I walked in, even though I pretended there weren't.

He was Spike you know? In love with Buffy till the end of time, which for him was forever. I couldn't compete with that, not with Buffy. Not that I wanted to compete, no It had just been late and he was an attractive man. I was not *in love* with Spike.

I groaned and threw the covers off me. So maybe I felt something for him, I mean I'd spent a lot of time with him in the past two years, I'd had a crush on him when I was younger, so of course I got warm fuzzie feelings for him.

Oh I needed to stop thinking about this.

I headed to the bathroom to shower then I'd call Tara, skip classes the rest of the day and find something fun to do that didn't involve thinking about Spike or missing Buffy and Mom. Those were my goals.

Then again knowing me I'd end up at Spike's crypt.

After the shower and change, and food because my stomach was growling with hunger, I headed to the phone, the new one. The last one had been shattered against the wall when someone slayed a stupid ugly demon.

I sighed and dialed Tara's number, waiting for her to pick up. I was excited about Tara being here and I wanted to hang out with her until she got sick of me. So why couldn't I stop thinking about heading to Spike's Crypt on the way to campus?
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Posted by:sired1880spike.
Time:2:31 pm.
I couldn't believe it had been more than two years. Surely not. The way I felt, it was still like it was yesterday. Sometimes I wake with a painful surge in my stomach, remembering seeing her body lying amidst the rubble. It still hurts. God, it still hurts.

At other times I can full well believe it's been two years. Every day has just crawled past. I've tried to move on, truly, but it's so hard. Everywhere I go something reminds me of her. On a bad day just seeing a girl with blonde hair can do my heart in. And Sunnydale itself is full of memories.

Maybe I should have left town. Doesn't seem that there's anything left for me now she's gone. But I can't tear myself away. I need to stay in this crypt, this place where once, just once, the real Buffy kissed me. It wasn't a kiss of passion, but it was one of thanks, and that was enough. Enough for a man to live on forever if needs be. And I find that I don't want to leave Dawn. Don't reckon I'm much use to her - Scoobies reckon I'm a bad influence - but I'm here for her. She ends up in my crypt more often than not. Just hanging out. When Tara left and Willow sank into magic and her own despair, she ended up spending a lot of time with me. Even sleeping at the crypt, because Willow was too far gone to notice if she was there or not.

Dawn hasn't stayed over in a while. It was alright when she was my little bit, but now she's a woman it feels strange. Not that I have feelings like that for her. No bloody way. But it just doesn't seem right, me seeing her in her pjs. Buffy would've kicked my arse, for one thing. But she still stops by, and I'm glad of that. Don't see many people these days. Clem visits now and then for Knightrider marathons, and we eat chicken wings and he tries to convince me that J Lo is a proper actress. He loves The Wedding Planner. Stupid git. Xander comes round too sometimes to shout at me for letting Dawn stay out late, and I tell him she's 18 now and he should sod off. Sometimes I help Faith with patrolling, just cos watching her move reminds me a little of Buffy, if I squint and don't look too hard. But the only person who really talks to me much these days is Dawn. And that's alright by me.

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Posted by:faith_redeemed.
Time:8:38 am.
Have to admit when I first heard the news it shocked me. B was dead and Angel was there to break me out of that jail cell. I was doing that thing they called being redeemed. Yep that’s right, me Faith, was on that path of redemption that Angel had taught me. Not that breaking out wasn’t fun but it wasn’t really in the plans. Hence the whole redemption path. Can’t be on your way towards redemption and break out of jail. But I was needed elsewhere. Red went a little crazy on the dark side. Have to admit I never pictured her ventured off that way. It was time for me to actually fulfill my duty. I was now the one and only chosen one.

At first I was a bit out of the game, was itching for some good action for so long but hadn’t gotten any. Almost started to lose it there. But of course I got it back right away, and with the help of B’s little posse. Xander brought Willow back down from her dark and evil side. Which was relief for me. Who would’ve known that shy and timid girl had so much evil power locked inside. Guess we all have that evil inside of us. I sure as hell know I had that. Something happens to you and you go all crazy inside.

Life was actually looking up for me for once. I was now the Slayer of Sunnydale and was considered one of the good guys. Even had a little gang to help me out, its like I took over B’s life. Which I did always want to do yet not in this sense. Although I hate to admit it but I did admire the girl, the way she fought the way she held it all together. I now know what she went though being the slayer of this town. She had to be all tight up the ass for those reasons alone. And although she had all these friends she was always truly alone. I thought that things would’ve been better for me if I was like her, if I had friends and a family like her but they aren’t. They just get harder because now you have people to worry about. People you want to protect, which could be a weakness especially if Mr. Big bad finds out.

I strolled though the park clad in a pair of navy blue jeans and a black tank top. The sun was beating down on me as I glanced around. Just look at all these people. Most of them so blind to what’s actually going on in the world, what goes on in this small town alone when the sun sets. To think so many lives have been spilled protecting them.
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Posted by:taramber.
Time:1:34 pm.
This was so strange. When I'd left, a year and a half ago now, I'd said I wouldn't come back to Sunnydale. And despite of my love for Dawn and the terrible way I'd missed Willow, I kept my promise. The last time I saw Dawn was six months ago, when she came to stay with me in Los Angeles. She told me, with a hopeful look on her face, that Willow was so much better. I thought about calling her, but I was still hurt. She'd lied to me and done magic on me when I was still fragile from what Glory had done to my mind. And then she'd nearly ended the world because she was so consumed with magic! I just couldn't face talking to her.

So I had buried myself in my work, and pretended that I didn't think about her. I'd had lots to catch up on when I transferred to UCLA, as not all my credits from UCS counted. So I was able to focus my mind on doing well in my degree, and I managed to graduate near the top of the class. Me, Tara Maclay, the girl whose father told her she'd end up dropping out of college, that she'd never be able to cut it. Although there were no friends or family to support me on my graduation day, I have never felt more at peace than I did then.

It might sound silly - a degree is just a piece of paper, when you reduce it to its barest form - but having the degree changed me. It proved to me that I could manage things on my own. I'd always hidden behind someone. At first my mom, to protect me from my father and brother. Then behind Willow, hiding in the reflected glory of her academic achievements and powerful magic. But now I knew I was strong enough to achieve on my own.

And it was now that my thoughts turned to Sunnydale. I'd learned that I could cope with failure, and turn that into success. Perhaps I could try things with Willow again. Maybe they wouldn't work out. Maybe we wouldn't fit in each other's lives any more. But I had to stop living in fear.

I decided to apply for a place on a master's course in Art History at UC Sunnydale. I got onto it, and now I was here, in Sunnydale, sitting in a dorm room much like the one I'd had when I first came here four years ago.

I unpacked my clothes, which didn't take up a lot of space, and my books, which did. I replaced the college duvet with my own bedspread and put up my much loved fairy lights. I looked around and smiled. I had a strange sense of coming home.

After getting settled in, I decided to go for a walk around campus. So much can change in 18 months, and I thought it would be nice to have a look before it got dark.

((Open - probably Dawn or Willow most likely to be on campus))
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